Iron wire, abaca, cotton, and bamboo paper, pigment - 15’3” x 14’2” x 9’7” - 2017

This installation presents a fantastical environment in which strange, linear growths stretch down from the ceiling, drawn toward the floor by some invisible magnetism. They grow from round sucker-feet that grip the ceiling, navigating downward from the often-ignored overhead space on their determined path to the floor. Their sinewy muscularity contrasts with their minimalistic wire skeletons, coated (just barely in places) with a thin skin of black paper. They impose themselves on the space normally reserved for our ease of movement and passage, requiring us to skirt around or duck through them in order to access the space. None of them quite reach the floor, but a few come tantalizingly close, their tips reaching toward their desired destination like a houseplant growing toward a sunbeam. In navigating our own path between them, we feel the pull of their longing and are drawn along their path to consider their invisible destination.